3 Quick Tips for Eczema

5 Reasons why HydraNure works so well on baby eczema
February 6, 2019
  1.  Don’t use anything perfumed like fabric softener, bubble bath or scented lotions as these will aggravate eczema.
  2.  Applying moisturisers/emollients is the best way forward for skin management.  Always apply downwards, shoulder to fingers, thigh to toes, etc. as applying upwards could trap cream in skin follicles which in turn could lead to infection.  Try using a cream with no perfumes, colours, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or other chemical nasties and the more healing natural ingredients, the better, say, for example, HydraNure.
  3.  Try to identify the source of eczema, this is best done by the subtraction method.  Take away a known eczema trigger for a period of time, if no change or improvement, reintroduce and subtract something else.  Triggers can be anything really from food, fruit, dairy products, deodorant, air freshener, perfume or pets, this list, unfortunately, is endless, for more information www.hydranure.com.
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    HydraNure Natural Ingredients

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