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HydraNure – Natural Eczema Cream For Babies

Infant eczema is a medical condition affecting the top layer or epidermis of the skin. Eczema is usually dry, red, swollen, sometimes broken patches of skin that’s extremely itchy and irritating. Eczema is a cycle where relief is sought by scratching which in turn makes the skin drier, more red and irritated which can lead to bleeding, broken skin and in more severe cases, infection. If your baby is suffering from eczema or any other dry skin condition, doctors and dermatologists agree that moisturising often is the best treatment. HydraNure has devised a natural, organic, vegan Eczema Cream for Kids. This rich skin softener is non-greasy, works fast and is proven in healing dry skin.

Organic Baby Eczema Cream by HydraNure

One in four babies and a twelfth of adults have eczema. Although most children do grow out of eczema, the best Baby Eczema Cream treatment is to keep skin moisturised while trying to decrease the source of eczema. When choosing a moisturiser or emollient, best baby eczema cream for dry skin treatments are preferred. HydraNure has developed a natural, organic, vegan-friendly Eczema cream effective in treating your child’s dry skin conditions.

HydraNure was originally created for infant eczema by two parents who couldn’t find a natural, effective solution to our boys eczema, our cream also works on most adult eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, new tattoo aftercare and other dry skin conditions, it is even used as an after-sun, due to the gentle formulation and high aloe vera content.

The following tips can be helpful in managing dry skin conditions in your little one.

Applying skin creams – Choose a natural eczema cream for babies, a cure cream with plant-based ingredients that have been used in skin healing for centuries. There are a ton of best baby eczema creams on the market, the challenge is finding the best eczema cream For Kids that ticks all the boxes, stops the itch, takes away the redness on the skin, cools, and heals skin, naturally, like HydraNure.

Bathing – Keep it simple, Quick baths of up to five minutes in tepid water with no bubble bath or perfumed soaps is advised. Also pat-dry and moisturise immediately with a natural eczema cream for kids. Our Natural Eczema Cream for babies which is a proven and fast-acting organic cream which is perfect for treating dry, red, itchy and sensitive skin conditions.

HydraNure Dry Skin Cream 100ml – £14.99

HydraNure 100mls cream

Natural Dry Skin Relief

Fast-acting, proven, natural, organic and vegan cream designed for dry, itchy and sensitive skin conditions including baby eczema, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn and new tattoo aftercare.  With 5 plant-derived ingredients, vitamin E and a natural Eco-certified preservative made from olive oil.  In a survey of 141 children with existing skin conditions from dry, itchy skin to eczema, their parents said 96% had softer skin after using.

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