Happy Customers

Delighted to receive the Bizzie Baby Gold Award for Family Health Category scoring 5/5, 4.7/5 and 4.8/5. Comments included I ended up using this on myself, son and daughter and it worked great on all of us. It worked on my dermatitis, my daughters dry skin and my sons eczema. Easy to apply and absorbed into skin well, helped with all our skin conditions, gentle on baby’s skin, did calm the condition and stop consistent itching. Excellent value for money. My daughter has very sensitive skin, did not cause a reaction and helped her eczema. I have terrible dry hands that crack, causing pain, but this did work well and are now a lot better, already recommended, helped me and my daughter and that’s a thumbs up.

Other Comments

Nicola – “Overall skin appearance has improved dramatically. The product is excellent in comparison to the other leading brands it is even a better quality as it does not burn or sting when applying and it smells refreshing and not filled with chemicals.”

Michelle – “I really enjoyed taking part in this programme i have researched a lot About this company since trying the product and i am really happy with the information i found it has also really helped with my babys skin and i am already recommending to friends and family.”

Emma – “I am amazed that it worked as well as it did. As you will see from the before and after photos most of the red dry patches have gone. I’m thrilled as we have used a lot of products and none have worked that well”

Stephen – “It has done a really great job, so easy to use and perfect to put on a kids body that doesn’t stop moving.”

Comments left by participants’ in Talkhealth partnership survey 2017