Our Story

When our two boys were infants, they suffered from eczema. We tried every over-the-counter product available. These thick emollient creams were horrendous, taking forever to apply and ending up everywhere. But more than that, they simply didn’t work. The only alternative were prescription steroid creams which, while being an effective quick-fix solution for broken skin, are not recommended for long-term use since they can thin the skin and be absorbed into the bloodstream. There had to be a better way; one in which the eczema could be controlled, and especially before developing into open sores.

Since my day job involved a great deal of world travel, I began investigating what parents in other countries used. I tried countless creams from across the globe before discovering one in America which, after using for only two days, got my eldest son’s eczema under control. I began bringing stacks of the cream back from each trip to the States and as word got out, was asked by family and friends to supply them too. This cream controlled my son’s eczema until he outgrew it around the age of three. At that time, baby number two arrived. He too suffered from infantile eczema so instead of continuing the purchasing cycle I decided to contact the American company with the proposal of becoming their official UK distributer.

We built up a successful business helping thousands of children and adults alike to combat their eczema. However, the one issue we had was that some of the ingredients were very industrial – by-products of the petrochemical industry – and this didn’t sit well with us. We began investigating whether we could improve the cream by formulating a naturally-sourced version without compromising its effectiveness. We found a very experienced skincare manufacturer named Bill Carr from Laurencekirk, near Aberdeen and tasked him with formulating an alternative. Our criteria: it must absorb quickly, be full of real, gentle, natural plant-based ingredients, contain only natural preservatives and, most importantly, work super-fast.

Ten years and hundreds of formulations later we cracked it and Hydranure was born. A fast-working, organic, effective cream with no harsh chemicals, paraffin, parabens, sulphates, perfumes, dyes or anything else that could irritate skin. We knew how good Hydranure was but wanted undisputable proof so I asked Deborah Wyatt and the team at TalkHealth Partnership to conduct an independent survey. The results from the 141 families of children with a variety of skin conditions who took part were amazing (see full survey results here). We genuinely care about your baby’s skin and believe in delivering the best quality skincare possible. I am very proud with what we have achieved and am sure you’ll love our cream as much as we do.