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Our Story

We were desperate, we had a baby with dry, rough, red skin that was so itchy he would scratch until it bled, he would even scratch in his sleep. The doctor prescribed thick emollients that didn’t absorb, just sat on top of the skin until rubbed on to clothes, pyjamas or carpet. Back to the doctors for steroid cream which was a great quick fix but shouldn’t be used long-term as it thins the skin and may seep into the bloodstream. 

I came across a cream in America that had my little one’s skin under control in a couple of days and I would bring lots back from frequent trips to the U.S. until he grew out of it. Our second child arrived, with eczema, he had the same patches behind his knees and in front of his elbows. I reached out to the American company and become their distributor here in the UK and over a number of years helped both children and adults with eczema. 

The cream was great, unfortunately, some of the ingredients were considered to be harsh chemicals so we started from scratch. We found a botanicals expert south of Aberdeen, we wanted a new cream made from natural ingredients, plants that have been healing skin for centuries, a natural preservative, something any parent would want and wouldn’t hesitate using on their child’s skin, we wanted HYDRAting natural skin NoURishmEnt, 50-60 versions and a decade later HydraNure was born with dry skin healers aloe vera, calendula, grapeseed, shea butter, sesame seed, vitamin e, all preserved in an olive oil derivative with no petrochemical byproducts, parabens, liquid paraffin, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, sulphates, parfum, dye or anything else associated with irritating the skin. 

We needed proof of how good our cream is and asked the Talkhealth Partnership to conduct a trial. The test involved one cream given to 141 children with skin conditions ranging from dry, red, itchy, pimply, sensitive skin through to eczema and used for up to two weeks. Incredibly 94% saw skin improvement, some within 24 hours (see full survey results here). There’s love in every drop of HydraNure whether you have sensitive skin, dry, red, itchy skin, infant or adult eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, you’re using as an after sun or you just prefer using natural, organic products on your skin, thank you for considering HydraNure, we hope you love it as much as we do. 

Paul & Laura


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